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"Dr. Gilbert has been the best consultant I have had.  He is more than a consultant.  He is a personal coach to me and helped me with the growth of my practice to the level which I only dreamed of for a long time."                         Dr. Ala Din

"I have had the opportunity of knowing and working with Dr. Gilbert for a number of years.  He is knowledgeable, thorough, comprehensive and reliable in whatever he undertakes.  He is timely and professional in a very positively interpersonal manner in achieving his desired outcomes.  He is pragmatic in his approaches to problem resolution and knows how to approach people and situations in a very effective manner.  He has achieved great success in working with young as well as experienced doctors.  I highly recommend him as a consultant, as a colleague and as a friend."  Dr. Neal Ziegler
“Dr. Gilbert manages to present an analysis of ordinary office functions in a really extraordinary fashion. I really feel my business would be in peril if we were to ignore his advice and proven strategies.”

S. E.

“I have had the honor & privilege to work with Dr. Mark Gilbert for well over a decade now. In my experience & view, he is one of the more knowledgeable, honest, aware & capable practice managers in the nation. In addition to competently growing his own practices… without touching a drill over the past few years… other practices in need of optimal guidance have been fortunate enough to benefit from his outstanding advice. Whenever we find a client practice that could be growing at a more enjoyable, rapid & profitable pace, we ask our clients to consider giving Mark a call.”

John Christensen
President, Chrisad Marketing

“I attribute my success to Dr. Gilbert’s expertise and his willingness to share his knowledge with other dentists. He personally interviewed my existing team members, pointing out their strength and weaknesses. He put together a game plan for my needs and is closely working with me to achieve our goal. I recommend Dr. Gilbert to all of my dentist friends. He is an incredible coach."

L. T.

“I’ve had a handful of dental consultants throughout the years and Mark has been my best mentor! He consistently motivates me and hold me accountable to my goals. Accountability leads to my success and Mark is a big part of it! Thank you, Dr. Gilbert.”

Angelie Zamora, DDS

“Since working with Dr. Gilbert we have increased production and collections; in fact, our production and collections per day increased drastically the first month. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert to anyone who needs management assistance in their office.”


“Dr. Gilbert definitely exceeded our expectations. We appreciate how he made his suggestions for folks to understand and apply. He excels at helping us recognize how we can show our patients that we genuinely want to help them while assuring them we are qualified to do so. Thank you.”

B. F.

“Thanks for helping with my case presentation skills. The biggest change for me will be to use the word NOW and create some sense of urgency for patients to have their treatment done, so I can help them achieve wellness."

J. F.

“The finer points of the 10 steps were great to have in place. Also, the realization that myself and my team need to hold each other accountable. You have in every way exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

M. W., DDS